At H2O Cleaning, we support local businesses, because we ARE a local business.  Among the hundreds of reasons WE support local businesses, here are a few of our favorites.  Join us today and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!

We love our local character, and history!

Kansas City has an amazing past, and fantastic reputation in the United States (think of how the whole country talked about us after the World Series win!).  Preserving our unique local businesses can only give us an economic advantage in the future.

We get to be GREENER.

Local stores are usually located in smaller locations, sometimes outdoor malls and town centers.  This reduces the gasoline used to go shopping and urban sprawl, which in turn helps with habitat loss and water and air pollution.

We want to preserve our communities.

We love seeing people bond together for a great cause, and they are more likely to do that if local businesses get involved.  We have to have successful local businesses in order to bring neighborhoods, social groups, and churches together through sponsorships and charities.

We want to be involved in decisions that affect us.

If local businesses are part of the decision-making processes in Kansas City, we can have a true impact on the issues that matter most to us.

Jobs jobs jobs!

Locally owned businesses hire local people, usually at higher wages.  Let’s keep the jobs here, in Kansas City.

The entrepreneurial spirit!

Part of the great American dream has to do with innovation, and standing on our own two feet.  Supporting local businesses means that more entrepreneurs get a chance to be successful.

Prices remain reasonable.

A larger, more diverse marketplace ensures competition which means lower and more reasonable prices for all of us.

The local money cycle.

If local people spend money with local businesses, that money will most likely remain in the local community.  As opposed to large chain stores which may send a good portion of our money elsewhere.

New exciting products!

Innovation means people are thinking about better ways of doing things, which can result in amazing new ideas and products.

Locally useful and targeted products.

Local companies carefully select their services and products based on their consumers’ needs which means more targeted, and higher quality products for you!